How to make your own bio-enzymes dishwashing liquid at home from Pineapple and Soapnuts


  • 1 kg of yellow sugar (replace with cane juice, molasses, raw sugars are fine)
  • 1 kg of seeded soap nuts
  • 2 kg pineapple (including pineapple flesh and skin, can use grapefruit/ orange/ lemon/ squash/ banana/ …)
  • 10 liters of water (or better rice water)
  • 1 20 liters bucket


  • Cut the pineapple into small pieces, wash it to clean the dirt.
  • Separate soap nuts and briefly rinsed with clean water under the tap (creates a white foam, babies like to play with foam)
  • Put all the ingredients in the bucket and mix the ingredients well.
  • Cover (do not need to be sealed) to prevent insects from flying in.
  • For the first week, stir every day.
  • Then cover it, open it up and see it, then cover it again.
  • At 1 month, get water to use to wash dishes (enzymes)
  • Washing dishes: mixing ratio 1/5 enzyme / water.

This is a safe way to make dish washing liquid from pineapple and soap nut that you can refer to and apply to save costs, protect the environment and protect the health of your loved ones. If you are too busy and do not have time to do it, please refer to Enzyco’s dish washing liquid, which is bio-fermented from pineapple and natural orange flavored soap nut.

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